Thursday, July 30, 2015

Windows 10: Marine Le Pen denounced widespread espionage – ZDNet France

desperate to forget the internal struggle attempt led by his father, or desire to be on all fronts, Marine Le Pen has decided to go after Windows 10. Riding on the worldwide launch of the Microsoft OS , president of the National Front uses a Numerama article denouncing “widespread spying on French computers via the new Windows 10 operating system.”

The article in question Users are prompted by the terms of use and default sharing of personal data during the installation of Windows 10, specifying that these parameters certainly intrusive by default can be configured at any time.

Geek among the geek, Marine Le Pen believes instead that Windows 10 is a wound and informed the CNIL in a letter. “Windows 10 will absorb the user’s data. These data will be used by Microsoft and can be sold to advertisers and any type of business. Through the computer, in nearly 80% of French households Microsoft sets up a mass of citizens spying and thus violates their privacy, “she wrote.

” We rely on the CNIL to analyze the consequences of Windows 10 on the private lives of French. As the authority responsible for ensuring the protection of personal data of French, we hope that you will say no to the widespread spying of citizens by the Windows 10 software equipping the PC, “she added.

The Commission Nationale Informatique and Freedoms has not yet responded to this letter but this was reacted Microsoft. In a scathing tweet, Marc Mosse the public and legal affairs director of Microsoft France launches “Easier to install Windows 10 to uninstall that Jean-Marie Le Pen,” referring to the internal war that ravaged the FN

Still, the response of the head of Redmond is also that of the elected PS, opposition councilor in Meudon …

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