Thursday, November 12, 2015

Computer breakdown in Orly: Windows 3.1 strikes again – ZDNet France

Windows 3.1 still wreaking havoc. The shutdown of air traffic at Paris Orly airport on November 7 was caused by a failure of the computer system weather Decor (Diffusion of Environment Control Data Orly and Roissy). A system installed on Windows OS published in 1992, so that’s more than 20 years.

” Imagine, during the COP21, the ballet of Heads of State disrupted because of a computer software that dates to prehistoric times. What will do you look? “Said an engineer quoted by the chained duck, which reveals the trick. The Ministry of Transport has in turn ensured that the modernization of the equipment “is planned for 2017″.

Last incident made public before the Orly airport of the city of London had been affected by a computer failure in December 2014, causing the cancellation of nearly 50 flights.

Faced with these computer problems raise the question, beyond the logistical worries, passenger safety, some such company Air United Airlines offering bug bounties programs to try to fill the security gaps of information systems. Two hackers have each received a million “miles” last July in recognition of this type of work for United Airlines. Of course, vulnerabilities or unearthed by the two experts have not been made public.


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